Food Packer-Processors, Vending Companies, and School District Commissaries use our Sealing Systems for Food Packaging.


Preferred Packaging supplies food packer-processors, the vending industry, and school districts across the country with packaging for soups, sandwiches, and salads; fresh fruit; frozen, microwavable, and ovenable meals. If you’re in the market for sealant systems approved for food contact, be sure to browse our product line for lid films, overwrap films, and over one hundred thermoformed trays.

Using FDA-approved base materials, our packaging solutions range from single-serve containers to multi-portion meals. The properties of salad and fresh seafood packaging differ from that of frozen entrees, but because we are the only company in the industry that independently creates all the components necessary to lid-seal-package food and meals, you can rest assured that we will offer the best packaging for your food products.

Cafeteria efficiency and economies of scale are reached by school district central commissaries using our customized OMNI IDX Series extended length heat seal machines and automatic conveyor to package portioned food daily for thousands of students. Individual school cafeterias use Preferred Packaging’s HS48 manual lidding machine and heat sealed thermoformed trays. Sealing trays with lidding film is a faster and more efficient system than snap-on lids. Our solution reduces container material and the chance of food contamination. The film seal is thin—about one tenth of the weight of a standard lid—airtight, tamper-evident, and much lower in cost.

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